Windows XP SP3 XC eXcellent v2.2 --2011

Emissions by name: Windows XC (eXCellent) 2011.
Basic Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 version 5.1 build 2600.
Operating system: x86 (32 – bit).
Certification SATA: Yes.
Language: English / Thai (Thai keyboard set up automatic Optical).
Windows Activation: Activation and Cool Edit that.
Installation mode: automatic seat without orders.
Customization by: iCharge.

New features.
- Order the program on the Taskbar.
- Optimized the boot. (Starts off the computer).

And programs that increase credit
Everything v1.2.1 (search for Windows).
. Net Frameworks (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 SP1) by jd976.
HashTab add-ons by Gorki.
CPLBonus by Kel.
Klite Mega Pack 5.9.
IE8 add-ons by OnePiece.
Taskbar Shuffle.
Winrar 4 beta 5.
OEM Info by Winstyle 2008.
Edited by ricktendo64 RefreshClock Addon by iCharge.

download >> Windows XP SP3 XC eXcellent v2.2 --2011
----------->> part1 + part2 + part3 + part4

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